Chiara Lo Prete


Phone: (814) 865-0982

Office Address:
213 Hosler Bldg.

Title: Associate Professor


Research Areas:
Energy Economics
Initiative for Sustainable Electric Power Systems
Sustainable Energy

Education Background:
• Ph.D. (Geography and Environmental Engineering), The Johns Hopkins University, 2012
• M.S. (Geography and Environmental Engineering), The Johns Hopkins University, 2009
• M.A. (Energy Economics), Scuola Enrico Mattei, 2004
• B.A. (Economics), LUISS University (summa cum laude), 2003


Lo Prete is an assistant professor of energy economics at Penn State. Her research integrates economics, optimization, and statistics to examine market structures that provide incentives for efficient operation and investment decisions in the electric power sector. Lo Prete and her research group have focused on the development of mathematical models and application of empirical methods to study cross-product manipulation, emission leakage, market structures to integrate variable energy resources, and resilience of interdependent natural gas and electric power systems.

Lo Prete received a Faculty Early Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation and an Early Career Researcher Award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. She earned a B.A. in economics (summa cum laude), an M.A. in energy economics, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in geography and environmental engineering from The Johns Hopkins University. Before joining Penn State in July 2014, Lo Prete was a Ziff Environmental Fellow at Harvard University.

Research Interests:

• Applied econometrics
• Electricity market design
• Energy economics and policy
• Modeling of electricity and natural gas systems

Memberships & Committees:

• Member, International Association of Energy Economists (IAEE) • Member, American Economic Association (AEA)
• Member, INFORMS
• 2014: Academic Advisor Search Committee, Department of Energy and Mineral Engineering
• 2013: Technical Program Committee: Symposium on Smart Grid Services and Management Mod- els, Fourth IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications

Honors & Awards:

• Wilson Research Initiation Award, 2015
• Ziff Environmental Fellowship, Harvard University , 2012-2014
• Abel Wolman Fellowship, 2007-2008
• Heath Fellowship, 2007-2008
• Scuola Enrico Mattei Graduation Award, 2004


• Introduction to Energy and Environmental Economics (undergraduate)
• Econometrics II (graduate)
• Corporate Finance (undergraduate)



Chiara Lo Prete's Publications
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